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Retshjælpen Rusk is a legal aid, who offers free legal counseling.

Our main focus is criminal law, legal issues involving the police, penal law, administrative law and immigration law, but we offer legal counseling involving other legal aspects as well – including discrimination.

You can for example seek legal aid from us if you are:

    • charged, being prosecuted, are arrested, convicted or imprisoned,
    • have questions regarding visitation, a police search or something similar,
    • wish to complain about the police or file a claim against the police,
    • have questions regarding your criminal record, expenses in relations to a court trial, police fines or something similar,
    • have questions regarding residence permit, visa, citizenship or something similar,
    • is next of kin to a person who are in a situation as mentioned above or similar.

Everybody can receive counseling from us.
Anonymous inquiries are welcome.

The counselors are attorneys, lawyers and law students who have, as a minimum, finished second year of law school. The counselors are obliged to protect the confidentiality of the client.

You can get in contact by e-mailing, calling or show up in person. See our opening hours and contact information under CONTACT.


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Download Power of attorney, if you are under 18 years old

If you wish to support the work of the legal aid you are more than welcome to make a transfer to:
Reg no.: 5361
Accont no: 0335080